Roofing materials in Kenya

I was  stunned  to  hear that some  inventions have  been motivated  by -yes  human laziness. But by far Necessity   has been the mother of  numerous  inventions in the annals  of  human sojourn on this  planet.The necessity of a roof  over our heads has spawned some ingenious products  that  will  work on either  flat, pitched or  hybrid  between these two  roofing systems . The  material that are used to make these  product  range  from tree barks to hi-tech and  expensive material like fiber-glass  and  asphalt  shingles as explained below.


These roof  covering  are   made  of  dry coconut  branches & leaves and is common at Kenya Coast  and tourist hotels.

Tree bark

A  traditional roofing material  used in Korea in the past ,but  no longer in use.


Thatch,that is  roof  covering made of grass,uses a variety of  long grasses that include but not limited to needle grass a.k.a Osinde grass,  water reeds,long  straws  and  combed  wheat reeds.Water  reed is durable, lasting between 50  to 60  years.All Thatched  roofs  require re-thatching  after a few  years.Thatched   houses offer  good insulation, keeping the building warm in cold  seasons and  cool in dry seasons.

Aluminum sheet

Aluminium metal is used to manufacture  profiled  corrugated  sheets that  are  durable and  strong.Its  also  used  together  with zinc  to  coat  iron sheets to  protect them from corrosion and  rust

Iron sheets

Most  common and popular roofing  material  in Kenya. It is  used to manufacture  galvanized corrugated iron sheets  and  Metallic roofing  tiles.The  Steel tiles may be stone-coated to  give them an eye catching finish and cost about Kshs 650 per piece.Iron sheets  are  light and durable-which  lowers roofing cost by  minimizing amount of money spend on trusses and other  roof support  materials . Galsheet Resincot iron sheet  cost about  Kshs 452 at the factory.

Concrete Tiles

They are similar  to clay tiles .However  they  made  from concrete  and durable .The  price  may  range between Kshs 80  and Kshs 125 per piece.

Clay Tiles

Clay  tiles are made from clay which is  baked at very high temperature.Clay  tiles are good for rain water harvesting and  sell  between Kshs 100/and  Kshs 200/


Asphalt shingles

Its  by-product of crude petroleum oil and nearly  as expensive as slate.Used on both flat and pitched  roofing systems


Its dark grey brittle stone . Flat pieces of this stones are used as roof covering. Its  very expensive and durable -lasting for hundreds of years.

Wood shakes/shingles

This  are  made of  flat rectangular  pieces  of wood   manufactured from Cedar Timber. They  are fixed on roof  like  clay tiles and suitable  for  pitched  roofing  systems.

Fiber cemen

Its  manufactured  by  by mixing cellulose fiber and cement and looks like slate


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