If you have been looking about of late, you will have realized that roofs of buildings are becoming pronounced in their  exotic design and size. The good news is that this trend is for good reasons. The roofs are not just improving the scenery, but   are also being used to   improve house ventilation, hold a water tanks, solar energy panels or even provide extra space for another room for keeping personal effects. These is  why some people  and  entities  are willing to spend more on it ,not only to  keep head turning but  to make  the  sum of the parts of  the building contribute  more  value to the  built  environment than in years past. Talk of killing many birds with one stone!

All credit goes  to roofing  system suppliers   for their  readiness  to  innovate   and  deliver  ingenious  product  that  meet the expected  and un-perceived  needs  of the consumers. You only need to say it and taada!!…the supplies is delivered, whether your building will sport flat or pitched roofing system.

These  suppliers , manufacture or stock  all roofing  materials ranging  from  corrugated  iron sheets , wood shingles  , stone coated  roofing tiles  to  asphalt shingles  ,not  to mention roofing  accessories . In Kenya the top nine roofing systems merchants and manufacturers are:

1.Mabati Rolling mills (MRM) ltd.

Mabati rolling mills a.k.a MRM is as subsidiary of SAFAL GROUP headquartered in Mauritius and has global ambitions exporting as it does to Asia, Europe and America. The Company has taken matters new economy into its own hand – it own online store going by the name Roofing Africa.com

MRM manufactures Steel   roofing sheets and tiles in a rich variety of colours. It’s  products that have made  name  for themselves  include Galsheet Resincot iron  sheets ,Cover Max  iron sheets,Dumuzas Iron sheets,Lifestile tiles, and  Elegantile tiles.

Other products are anti-vermin, and weatherproofing products, rain water harvesting products like flashing and ridge caps and accessories like Fasteners

Factory Prices start at Kshs 452 per meter for Galsheet Resincot corrugates iron sheets.

2.Corrugated Group ltd.

Corrugated group ltd is a local company that began operations way back in 1958.In those early days, it was trading as Venus metal ltd. As we speak now the company is still going strong with a factory in   Mikindani, along Mombasa -Nairobi road.

Corrugated Group ltd   manufactures galvanized (covered with a layer of zinc – for protection against corrosion and rust) corrugated sheets. Specifically  it makes  gauges  32,30,28  and 26   silver and  coloured corrugated sheets ,box profile corrugated  sheet(the troughs are wide apart), ridges  and  gutters. The standard lengths for the sheets are 2 m, 2.5 m and 3 meters.

3.Royal Mabati mills ltd.

If you wish to touch base with this company you will need to charter a flight or a cab to  Kitengela Town on the outskirts of Nairobi city. Royal Mabati mills ltd manufactures steel roofing sheets and tiles.

Some  of its    product  that  flying off the shelves of  hardware stores  include-box profile mabati(troughs are wide apart), corrugated  iron sheets, Bricktile  (the base is steel and enamel),Roman longtile  (the base is Aluminum  Zinc and silicon base),Industrial  sheets,  and Euro Tiles .

Royal Mabati also manufactures accessories like roofing nails and rubber washers.

4.Maisha Mabati Mills Ltd.

Maisha Mabati mills ltd is a subsidiary of Devki Group of companies and has a factory is in Ruiru town which is located   between Thika town and Nairobi city.

It manufactures coloured galvanized corrugated iron sheets. Some  of its  product  making a pretty  mint  for the company are  silver  and coloured Corrugated sheets, Box maisha mabati(the troughs are wide apart), Maisha alu-zinc mabati,  Maisha mabati cover and Maisha tiles.

5.Space & Style ltd.

Space & Style is a locally owned  company that was founded in year 2002.The company has made name  for itself  as  high  quality supplier  of building and construction materials that  improve the quality of life  and scenery  of the built environment.

The company has also earned a lot of social capital because of the work it has done and continue to do in up-skilling Masons through its awesome Fundi Maalumu program.

Space & Style distributes and sells Decra roofing systems, Fortiza Roofing systems, Steel structures, floor lamination, and rain water harvesting systems, fiber cement, and Bituminous waterproofing membranes.

Also it sells roofing shingles-Bituminous shingle that is flexible and weather resistant.


REXE is local company which is the authorized distributor   for all IKO industries products in Kenya and the region. The company   has Offices in Kilimani –Nairobi.

REXE  is a  specialist roofing  systems supplier , meaning   the company  deals in roofing  systems only .Some of  its  products  that it has installed  for  high flying customers  are Laminated shingles, Stone coated  roofing tiles and waterproofing  membranes  for  flat  roofs, balcony ,floors ,pavements  and  flashing  on roofs.

7.IKO Industries.

IKO industries is a family owned company established in 1951 in Canada with 37 plants in North America and Europe. The company is reputed for its exemplary customer care and inspiring corporate culture and manufactures roofing systems, waterproofing and insulation materials.

Specifically IKO makes and sells asphalt roofing shingles, Ice and water protectors, underlayments, starter strip, hip and ridge cap shingles and insulation boards. Also it manufactures commercial roofing systems.

It’s a vertically integrated company meaning   it owns most of the raw materials that is used in production in its plants, guaranteeing high quality and durable products.

8. Fortiza roofing systems.

Fortiza roofing system is a product manufactured by Fletcher building group – a New Zealand company founded in 1909. It is one of the world’s largest manufacturer of stone coated roofing tiles and accessories. The steel tiles are coated with aluminum zinc and given another layer of stone coating to give them an appealing look at reasonable cost.

The tiles come in variety of colours and sizes. Accessories include roof ridge hip, box barge and side flashing. Fortiza roofing system have fire retardant and come with after sale service.

9.Decra roofing systems.

It’s also product designed and manufactured by Fletcher building group ltd- one of New Zealand’s largest multinational companies. The product is made from steel coated with Zinc aluminium alloy to extend the durability of steel six times. The tiles are coated with natural rock chipping embedded in base coat that is then covered with an acrylic over-glaze

The tile can be cut and bend at the roof ridge and hips to provide full overlap with flashing sheets. This eliminate the need for additional waterproofing and burglar retardant measures. They are also strong, durable and lighter than concrete or clay tiles reducing dead weight on load bearing walls.

The company also   manufacture Decra steel shingles, which are coated with stone chipping that eliminate the need for plywood substrate required for traditional shingles. They are also lighter and particularly suitable for cement roof cladding.

The new kid on block for this company is the Decra   steel shakes -that look like the traditional cedar wood shakes. This roofing material is made of steel coated with stone chipping but has the deep grain profile of Cedar shakes. This produces the natural look of a timber roof.

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    1. Thanks for asking . As far as I know, a few building materials manufacturers provide free delivery of their wares to their customers’ homes . One that stand out and that relate to your question is Royal Mabati ltd-renown for its corrugated iron sheets and steel tiles.

      This company provides free country-wide delivery of iron sheets and steel tiles and there is NO minimum quantity of iron sheets required for this free delivery to your door step within or outside Nairobi.

      Placing order is as simple as calling, sending SMS or whatsapp to cell phone number 0722-638383 and you can expect delivery of your iron sheets, whether a hundred or ten within a span of one week.

      Royal Mabati box profile gauge 30 goes for kshs 350,while gauge 28 is sold at Kshs 550.

      That is the long and short of it and I am sure it has rendered justice to your question. Thank you.


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