The recommended Paint primer for your house

Generally  speaking , you can use  either  water  based  or  oil based paint primers  when you are  giving a face-lift  to your house . Latex or water solvent paint is ideal for painting the interior surfaces of your house. On the slip side, oil solvent paint is excellent on external cold and wet surfaces.Embed from Getty Images

It’s  important that the  primer  is  done well because it  will  determine how  well the under coat and finishing  will  hold  onto  the surface ,which in turn will affect  the  overall  durability  of the paint work. To pull off a  great  work,  experts  recommend  deploying  specific primers  on specific  surfaces in the  build  environment.  And these can either be Timber,   Plaster and masonry, ferrous metals and or non-ferrous metal surfaces.

Wood surfaces required oil based paint that contains titanium oxide .This is because it has the ability to penetrate deeply on wooden surfaces. And  for  resinous  woods   and  to  seal    aged  bitumen   coated  surfaces   you are strongly advised to use  aluminium wood  primer paints.

Ferrous  metal  surfaces  requires  protection against  corrosion and rust  .For this  reason it is  recommended to use oil based  primers that  incorporate Zinc  or  lead  rich  compounds .This  will arrest effectively  the  corrosion and  rust  caused  by  action of air on these  surfaces  such  steel  railings. Also  the  low volatile organic compounds(VOC) paint  coating   can be used against corrosion of  structural  steelworks  as  pre-fabrication or  post  -fabrication  primers. Lastly   acrylated  rubber primmer paints   can also  be  used  as  a  substitute  to the  above  and  works  by    forming  a physical  barrier  over steel .Embed from Getty Images

Non-ferrous metal surfaces   especially   Aluminium requires Zinc phosphate or Acrylated (read synthetic) rubber. On the other hand Acrylic metal primer is a quick drying water based primer that is recommended   for use on Copper, Lead, and Brass   surfaces.

The  application of  primers  suitable  for ferrous  metal  surfaces  may cause  increased corrosion of nonferrous metal surfaces  especially  aluminium. Hence care and foresight must be exercised in choice of building materials in order to pre-emptively avoid such problems.

Latex or water solvent based primers are excellent with Plaster and masonry surfaces. These surfaces   such as new plaster, brickwork or concrete are likely to be alkali .Expert recommend Latex paint for these surfaces because it can withstand the effects of alkali surfaces.


Sources: Materials for Architects and Builders by Arthur Lyons-PhD.



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