8 tools you need to hack that DIY work at home

It is about time you took the bull by its  horns and   stopped ,  for good  ,  relying on your  neighbour’s tools  or  calling   in a carpenter to  fix minor jobs like  that loose joint in your sofa  set  or to hang  the new bathroom door. And the one legit way of doing that is by buying, over time, your own tools for the backyard workshop. The  good  news  is  that  most  of these  tools  are  small  ticket items at the hardware stores  and  also you  will  improve  your  social  ties  with your  neighbours. To  crown it all  , all  the  money  you would have shelled out to  settle the  carpenters  bills   can go towards  what  you have always  wanted  to  have: a rainy day  revolving fund  for  your  family. Please stay tuned and   read next, some interesting facts about  eight tools that you must have by   buying one at time.


  1. Block plane
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It’s  said that  one  can tell  if you have  the handy  carpentry skills  by  how well  you  put to work the  block plane. A block plane is primarily used to smooth and trim timber. To use it hold the work piece in one hand, the plane in the other hand, then plane horizontally or vertically. Before  using the plane  adjust the  blade ,so as to avoid   malfunction such as  biting more that it can chew or the blade being too  withdrawn into the frame  that  it fails  to  remove any  shavings  at all. In short adjust the blade to allow the plane bite thin shavings only from the work piece. The  retail price  of a  block plane  depend on the  brands available  and  ranges  between Kshs 2,000 and  Kshs15,000/.

  1. Tape Measure

It’s used for marking, measuring and laying out, in carpentry, tailoring and stone work. Tape measures   range in length from   a few feet to hundreds of feet. A long tape is   used to measure building sites. The Push-pull tape is spring loaded so that it recoils back into the metal or plastic case when not in use. The blades come in variety of widths. One good thing about wider tapes    is that they can extend more without the help an assistants hand at the other end.Embed from Getty Images

On the other hand Wind-up long tape is retracted in the casing manually using a handle. This Tape measures have   metal or fabric blade inside steel or plastic casing and are used for longer dimensions measurement. To get one, it will cost you between Kshs 700 and Kshs 1,500.

  1. Try square
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It good for marking off cuts and identify what is square that is right angle or a corner that is 90 degrees. In practical term  it is  used  to  determine the  square-ness  of a joint and  as  a  hand-saw  guide. Try square are cheap, going at between Kshs700 and Kshs 2,000.

  1. The plumb Bob
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The plumb bob or line   uses gravity to establish what is exactly vertical and therefore perpendicular to the horizontal line. Its  consist  of  a  weight  and  coarse string  made  of  cotton or nylon  threads. The bob is  fixed  at the  end of the  string ,have  pointed tips and  are  made  of  brass  steel  or  plastic. The string is fixed to area to be measured. The bob is then allowed to swing freely. The point   of the bob is exactly below the point the string is fixed. Its  useful  to  determine  straightness  of  a  wall ,  a door, when hanging it or  lining up points during  foundation excavation. This useful tool can be purchased at your local hardware store for between Kshs 800 and Ksh2, 500.

  1. Bevel Gauge

It  related  to  a try  square  and  consists  of  handle  with an  attached  blade. It’s used to reproduce pieces of wood that are not square. To  match  an existing  angle you  set that  gauge, then relocate  the  tool  onto  a piece from which  you  want    the  duplicate  piece. Then mark the line and cut to match the angle precisely. It can be set from a protractor, square or an existing piece to be replicated. The Bevel gauge is good for restoration and odd angle cuts work. The asking price of the Bevel gauge is between Ksh300 and Kshs 1,500.

  1. Hammer.
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Best  known  for hitting the nails  , which is  why  people say  if  the only weapon you have is  hammer, then all your problems  will  begin to look like nails. We have different types  of hammers namely Claw  hammer, Ball  peen hammer(image above)  which used   in metalwork and has  a flat  striking face  on one end and rounded  one on the other hand  and  Club hammer(a kind of  small sledge hammer)  have identical faces and is used  to  drive stakes and demolish masonry work. A claw hammer sell at between Ksh1, 200 and Kshs 2,000.

  1. Chisels
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It tool with metal blade and is used to cut wood and stones. To work safely with a Chisel it’s recommended that you must keep the blade sharp. Hardware store sell this tool at between Kshs 1,000 and Kshs1, 500.

  1. Hand saw.
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We have different types of hand saws for either cutting wood or metal. A hand saw usually has a handle with a blade   that has several teeth’s on one side. Sawdust is a by-product of wood cut by a hand saw.The most common type of Saws are hand saw (for cutting wood-image above) and hacksaw (for cutting metal).To  add  a hand saw  to  your  backyard workshop  tools  will cost  you between Kshs 2,100 and Kshs  3,000.

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