House design measurement specifications

When shopping for a house, its matter of buyer be aware. Here is what you need to know about this house plan measurements.To   minimize regret it a good idea to have an understanding of house design specifications like house size, floor area and building area on your fingertips. These  are some of the   key indicators  that  will  give  you  a smooth ride when comparing   asking prices  for residential properties  built  with  standard  building material  and in    similar  neighborhoods.

A house size also called net usable house area ,is the  total  usable  areas  of all rooms excluding the basement, garage ,boiler room(for the heating system) and  attic (room  to found in the roof). This  calculation usually takes  into account the height of the building. For example where the house is 2.2 meters and above the surface is calculated at hundred percent. On  the other  hand  where  the  height of the room is between 1.4 and 2.2 meters  the surface is  computed at   fifty percent  and for  room height below 1.4 meters  the  surface  is not  incorporate in the computation of the  house  size .

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Second, floor  area  is  calculated  without taking into account  the  height  of  the  building and  will give  the  actual  size or  area   of the  floor  in the rooms.

Third, Total  floor  surface area   ( total area )is  the sum of  all  floors  of the  building   measured  along the inner outline  of each floor  level in all the rooms.

Building area  is  the  total  amount  of  land  occupied  by the  finished building  on the plot without  terraces(flat  area  around the house where  you can sit and have meals), external  stairs, side- walks and drive- ways.

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