Here is how to convert your house floor area in feet to meters.

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If  you have ever  worked on building construction project, then probably you are familiar with  unnecessary confusion that is created by the contractor  and  masons  who give  the depth of  foundation trenches  in feet  , order    timber in millimeters and give  the  building  net  usable and  floor  areas in square feet  .How  they  happen to be using  both  Metric  and  US  standard  measurement  systems  is a mystery . But  the  best  way  out of this  quandary is to   learn the two  system and develop the ability  to  convert  measurement in metric  system to  US  standard  system or conversely  to do the reverse. So   without much ado, let me start with the Metric system measurement of volume, length and weight.

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Metric measurement system

The smallest unit for measuring liquids is the milliliter (ml) .A milliliter is about 10 drops of water and 1000 milliliters is equal to one liter (L).

To measure  weight or mass   we use  grams and one   paper  clip  is  about one gram.1000 grams  is  equal  to  one  kilogram and 1000  kg is  equal  to  1 tonne(1 metric ton).

The  smallest unit  for  measuring length is a millimeter(mm)  and 10 millimeters  is  equal  to  one   centimeter(cm). Most building plans give specifications in millimeters. To  measure  longer  distance  we  use meters  and  is specially   common  when giving the floor area  and net  usable house area in square meters. One meter is equal to 100 centimeters. A kilometers is used to measure great distances with 1000 meters being equal to   1 kilometers (km).

Lastly   areas  measurement  is  as  follows :one  hectare (ha) is  equals  10,000 square meters  which is  also  equals  to 2.4711 acres

US standard measurement system

The smallest unit for measuring liquid volumes under   this   system    is the fluid once   and 8 fluid ounce will fill a cup. 2 cups are equal to a pint. A quart (qt) is the same as 4 cups or 2 pints. A  gallon (gal)  is  16 cups  or  8  pints  or 4  quarts. A quart is a quarter of gallon. Paint is    commonly sold in gallons and for your information  a pint is the size of the quantity of milk  in medium   sized drinking glass.

1 gallon =4 quarts=8 pints=16 cups=128 fluid ounces.

Weight or mass in the US is measured in Ounces, pounds and Tons. The small unit in ounce (oz.).16 ounces are   equals 1 pound (lb.).For example you can give the weight of bag of cement in pounds.

Now, 2000 (two thousand) pounds is equal to 1 ton. In other words, 1 pound=16 ounces and 1 ton=2,000 pounds.

Finally Length in the USA in measured in inches, feet, yards, and miles. An inch is the smallest unit of measurement. Now, 12 inches is equals to one foot and 3 feet is equal to yard.  And 1,760 yards are equals to 1 mile.

1yard = 3 feet=36 inches.

Here is how to undertake conversion:  


1 foot =0.3048 meters: So to convert feet to meters, multiply by 0.3048.

1 km=0.6214 mile: So to convert km to miles multiply by 0.6214

1 inch=2.54 cm: To convert from cm to inches divide   by 2.54

Inch=25.40mm: To convert    from mm to inches divide by 25.40

Inch=0.0254meters: to convert from meters to inches divide by 0.0254


I sq. cm (square centimeters) =100(square mm) =0.1550 inches square. So to convert square inches to square centimeters divide by 0.1550.

1 meter squared =10.764 square  feet: so  to  convert  from  square feet to meters  squared  simply  divide  by 10.764.You the same  logic  to  convert the acres, hectares and  km squared.

1 sq. m (square meters) =10,000(square centimeters) =1.1960(square yards)

1 hectare (ha) =10,000 Square meters) =2.4711 acres

1sq km (squared km) =100ha=0.3861(square mile).

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