Environmental problems with brick walls

Bricks presents a number of potential problems, when building a brick-house. These problems include, damp penetration, too much heat loss and condensation.

To keep at bay rain and damp, the brick wall must be well built. This will ensure that when it rains cats and dogs, the wall will absorb some water, but the damp will not reach the inside face of the wall. Once the rain is over, the water will evaporate and leave the wall literally home and dry.

Heat loss is the other big issue with brick walls, because of their high density. As such a thin, one brick wall will expose the building tenants to uncomfortable cold, during the rainy season. To   remedy this, the developer should consider deploying a more robust plaster and wall finishing. Also installing   an artificial heating system will be, money well spent.

To avoid condensation in a brick wall building, tenants should consider keeping it warm, through artificial means. As  mentioned  before, the  brick wall is  susceptible to high heat loss and   if the  inside face of the wall  cools  below  a certain temperature  the moisture in the air  from breathing ,portable  gas  and  so forth  will  condense  on  the cold  surfaces. However  In  high  humidity  areas  like Jacuzzi and bathroom, the owner of the house should  install  movable  ventilation mechanism  to  evacuate  the  moist air.

At the back of all these, the developer must ensure that the bricks supplied to the mason were properly fired and cured .And the thicker the brick wall is- of at least 450mm- the better.

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