Red oxide flooring

Aesthetically appealing floor finish can be an expensive affair especially if you choose materials like ceramic tiles and hardwood. However, bargain hunters will be surprised to find that they can have   comparable   beautiful floor finish in their most emotional asset at pocket friendly price. That is  if they  were  to  heed my  counsel and    opt  to  deploy  red oxide in their  new houses .Red oxide   is cement oxide flooring that is red.Embed from Getty Images

Laying  the red oxide  start  by  purchasing    cement   and  the  red  oxide  .A  50 kg bag of cement  retails  at  about Kshs 700 and  the  oxide   at   between  Kshs  280  and Kshs 300 per kg .Red oxide  worth Kshs 3000/  will be enough  to  complete a  medium sized   bungalow.

Second, the dry cement and the oxide is thoroughly   mixed. Then,  slowly   water  is  added into it  to  get a  thick  fluid, which is  applied  to the concrete  floor in one  continuous stretch   without taking a break. If    the proportion of cement is increased in the mix, the result is a lighter shade of a red floor.

On the day  after  laying the  red oxide,  the  floor must  be kept  moist  by pouring  water  over it  after  a couple  of hours. This will ensure good curing and a look that is appealing to the eye of the beholder.

Cement oxide flooring is cheap, long lasting and easy to maintain. All it calls for is regular sweeping and mopping.

However  exposure  to extreme  weather  outdoor  will  make it  prone  to  premature cracking.  In other words, it’s suitable for deploying inside the house.


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