Window glazing Putty

Installing glass on your steel frame windows is usually light work. All you need to do is purchase the right amount of glass from a hardware and have it cut into desired size and number which should be equal to the projected number of window panes on your house. Then grab putty from the hardware and head home to fix your glass.

So, what is putty? Putty is a soft clay-like substance, grey in color, and is mainly used for fixing glass into windows frames or filling small holes in wood.

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Traditional putty is made from linseed oil and organic fillers like calcite lime. However putty for application on steel window frames, has a base that is not linseed oil.

Also called  glazing  putty , its  more often than not, used  to  hold tight  single-panes,  or glass ,in steel  window  frames. This transform the windows into bad-weather ready components of the built environment, helping to keep out rain, cold air and insects for a very long time.

Putty is easy to work with and stays flexible for a long time. Putty  is  a plastic  sealant  and  dry  by formation of  a  surface  skin  leaving  liquid  material  encased    to  maintain its  flexibility. However with time the plastic core continue to harden.

The  glazing  putty  costs  between  Kshs 50  and  Kshs 75  per  Kilogram  at  retail  outlets  in Kenya.

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