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My name is  Thomas, a Kenyan  and  I live in Nairobi city.Why  this  site? From my personal experience  there is a lack  of   sources  of up-to-date  knowledge,insights  and  guidance  about building  construction  and  hardware store  solutions in the  general  population and even among some practitioners like real estate managers and Masons. I learnt this  in September 2014 when I began to develop  my own building  construction project.0u4a3477I  quickly  realized that  I  did not know enough  about the  sub-sector  and  there  was not an  online source  that  could  in few  clicks  get to  , and  obtain some  baseline information.As a result of this , I  was consigned  to the sidelines,while my  Contractor and Architect made most of  the decisions .
 That  being  a lousy  situation for anyone to find  him/herself in ,I decided to to  something about it.I humbled myself  and  began asking questions and learning from my Architect,Contractor,Masons , Mason tenders  and Hardware  store suppliers. And  I  have news for you,because I didn’t stop there- I carried  and continue to carry out  extensive research  on the  built environment, hardware  stores ,  real  estate, building construction material manufacturing ,Trade  and  investment.
In short,the   reason I created this  site  is to  help  folks like yourself easily  grab baseline information  about building construction ,general  hardware  solutions and  related fair  business  deals  . I will help you know what you need to know by providing in-depth and on point information,news,price guides  and  sale deals.
Information is   power. The  information  you get here is  intended to help you get  value  for  your money  as a developer, Contractor, Property  manager, Home owner, Hotel  maintenance manager, fabricators, distributors, importer/exporter, Painter ,  government agency and  all the rest of the denizens of East Africa.
I will  do this  by  sharing  my personal experience with you  and what I have  discovered   over the years as well  as what  I continue  to learn from my  Research, Networks  and  Work.
Finally , I encourage you  to get involved within this site.I would love to   exchange,share   and promote with you, solutions that  improve the quality of life in the  built environment.
Thank you  for swinging by today!
Thomas Omar
Founder  of East Africa Little Hardware.
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