6 reasons why buildings collapse

Hardly a few month pass without either building under construction or occupied by tenants is reported to have collapsed.Before we prescribe a lasting solution to the problem we need to know the root cause of this disturbing phenomenon.I think there are six reasons why a building may collapse. … More 6 reasons why buildings collapse


Here is how to convert your house floor area in feet to meters.

If you have a problem with contractors who use feet when communicating about your building foundation trenches and millimeters when ordering timber , you are not alone.In this part of the world we use the metric measurement system.So when,for some obscure reasons, someone chooses to use the US standard measurement its bound to cause some throbbing pain.In this article ,I proactively cure that pain for good by unpacking for you how to convert for example floor area in squared feet to metres squared. … More Here is how to convert your house floor area in feet to meters.

How much will my house cost?

To get a a useful answer from your prospective building construction contractor,you must in the first place ,provide an accurate description of your house together with specifications and standard materials expected to be used .Once this is received by the contractor then its a matter of a few days before you get an amazingly neat cost per square meters or total cost for constructing your dream house.This would ideally exclude the deck , terraces,sidewalk and drive way. … More How much will my house cost?

8 tools you need to hack that DIY work at home

The next time you have minor repair work at home ,plan not to to rush to your next door neighbours for tools or send an SOS to your carpenter.And this plan involves you passing through the local hardware store,once in a while and picking one of the 8 must have tools for your backyard workshop.This article is up your street if you are looking for interesting facts about these must have tools and how much it will cost you to have one. … More 8 tools you need to hack that DIY work at home

The recommended Paint primer for your house

Different strokes for different people.One primer may work well with wood surfaces but produce disastrous results with Plaster surfaces.That is why you will do well to follow the recommendation of experts when giving a paint makeover to your house. Broadly speaking, oil solvent primers are good for cold and wet external surfaces while latex primers are excellent with house interior surfaces. … More The recommended Paint primer for your house

Paint-work that does the heavy lifting for 25 years

We use paint to change the colour of the interior and exterior of our houses and buildings. Paint can be applied using the brush , roller or spay.Water-solvent paint is environmentally friendly ,does not emit strong smell and can be used on all types of primer layer.On the other hand Oil based paint are ideal for external wet surfaces, heavy traffic areas like stairs and cast iron railing.For a coat of paint to last long, three layers are necessary, that is primer, under-coat and finishing. … More Paint-work that does the heavy lifting for 25 years