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Kenya adopt Euro codes building construction standards

In  May 2016  the  Kenya  government through the Kenya Bureau of Standards adopted  the  Euro code  building  construction standards which are in use globally. This  effectively  consigns to the  dust bin of  history  the  British  standards  which are currently in use  in the country.

What the  country  is  about to undertake is a big league stuff   that will take five years to implement and will  demand the re-training of all building construction professionals like structural engineers. Its  envisaged  that the Eldoret based Moi University will  help in developing the  curriculum and  training  of  all affected  parties.

The Euro codes  standards have  been adopted  by most countries  worldwide and are said to    promote  uniformity  of structural  design of buildings  and  civil engineering works .

According to the Managing Director of  Kenya Bureau  of  Standards  Mr. Charles  Ongwae all  stallholders  we be consulted and involved  to  ensure a smooth  transition  come the year 2021.



The  government  of  Kenya  through the Kenya Bureau  of  Standard (KEBS) has  banned  the use  of  twisted bars  for concrete  reinforcement.The  news  was  released  on 22nd  ,November 2016  .

According  to  information on its  website ,the  decision was  made  following   a meeting  by the KEBS  Management ,representatives of  the Steel  industry and  the Kenya  association.In the  meeting  it  was resolved  that  as  from 1st April  2017 only  Ribbed bars shall  be manufactured   and  sold   in the country.

The  twisted  bar  are  said  to  be weak  and  may  have contributed  to  the rising cases of  storey  building under construction   collapsing and  killing  Kenyans.

By  placing  sanction on twisted  bar  Kenya  joined  the  other  East African countries  that  have already   banned them .